About us

We’re Limitend. We are a team of passionate limited edition hunters, who are always on the lookout for new exciting special editions for you. Of course, we know that a shortage or limitation of a certain product is often a planned sales measure. But does this really matter? Limited products are still cool, because manufacturers are much freer with special editions: they dare to experiment, they invent new tastes, try new designs, play with colors and they’re more creative with packaging. These are the reasons why we love limited editions so much and why we have created Limitend.

Limitend is a marketplace, where you’ll find only currently available limited edition products. We are constantly updating the assortment: as soon as a certain product is sold out, it disappears from the product list. We have developed our own software for this purpose, which checks the availability of all the products.

It doesn’t mater, whether you’ve found something with us today or not (maybe you were just looking around) we, the Limitend team, want you to know that now there’s a website available, where you can find different limited edition products. Limited edition whisky and luxury watches, special edition sneakers, films or books and much more – all of this is available on limitend.com.